Flylady:  What “Dressed to Shoes” means to you

Part of the Fly Lady morning routine is to get “dressed to shoes”.  The old me felt so resistant to that.  In fact, I would remove it from the list all together.  I felt a bit of an affront to assuming that I had someplace to get dressed to go to and it fed into my insecurities of being a stay at home mom.

So this time around I am approaching it a little different and with a new appreciation.  I think that this task is all about what this phrase means to you each day, given the day you are having.  This is the joy in it.  Getting “dressed to shoes” doesn’t mean meeting some external expectation of yourself.  It is about feeling good and being prepared for what the day might bring you.

This hit me this morning as I got out of the shower at almost noon.  This is just how my day played out.  I woke up early, got my son off school and took care of some planning for the day.  I had a little free time so I ate my breakfast and watched a half an episode of Love Island in my jammies.  Then I got dressed to go to the gym, made my bed and put a load of laundry in.  I went to the gym and showered and got dressed for the day.  

Because I don’t really have anything going on today, I didn’t really need to dress to leave the house.  Today, my day includes some writing and website management, getting my son fed and turned around to practice, taking the dogs outside to enjoy the sunshine and do some yard work and check off a few fly lady tasks along the way.  I also will need lunch and to practice the piano.  All this before my husband gets home from work.  

So today “dressed to shoes” was sweats and a t-shirt.  Another day I might have lots of errands to run and I am trying to be a little more put together when I go out so I would put an outfit together and a little bit of daytime makeup. 

But regardless of what outfit or level of put together I choose there are a few essentials that help me feel ready to tackle whatever the day holds.  I call this clean and soft.  A shower is the best option but a good face wash can go a long way.  I like my skin clean and moisturized and my hair put together, whether that is up in a messy bun or curls defined and primped.  These few small things make me feel calm and prepared.

The point is “dressed to shoes” doesn’t need to mean you have to put shoes on, although I think the Fly Lady would argue otherwise.  “Dressed to shoes” means whatever you need to feel good, put together and ready to tackle the day that lays ahead of you, whatever that may be.

What makes you feel ready to tackle the day?

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